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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

February 10, 2015 // Newborn
No props, no baskets, no sunflowers, no studio ;-) .....just a black cloth in the comfort of your home. 

Newborn shoots my way ;-).



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September 23, 2009 // Children / Newborn

Being confronted by a ferocious beast called rambo and being pee'd on by a little person called Julian, all part of a days work - who said photography was a walk in the park?


Isn't he just gorgeous? This little munchkin belongs to Elizabeth and Grant.


It was well worth it though - this is what I got before the floodgates opened up!






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You are brilliant Andrea! This photo is amazing!

(09.23.09 @ 09:18 AM)

Gorgeous pic!Can't wait to see the rest....You're a STAR!

(09.28.09 @ 12:35 PM)
Isabel :

Wow.... how gorgeous is that pic... and what a beautiful baby... Well done Liz & Grant

(10.07.09 @ 10:38 PM)
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August 4, 2009 // Newborn

The 'blog ink' has yet to dry on a statement I've been repeating for quite some time now, since these days I hardly get the chance to photograph anything but weddings and then, BAAAM, my blog is once again filled with bellies and babies. . . statement shattered!

So here you are, more babies. As I regularly state, the undertaking of any newborn/maternity shoots is usually consigned to the  do-not-have-a-chance abyss, so this was really more of a favour to one of DH's colleagues at work - and the words "twin boys" was the absolute deal-maker ;-)

Introducing the two little crackers - Sashin and Khayen.



A wedding post in the next couple of days I promise!

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AAAHH too cute! Awesome pic

(08.04.09 @ 08:57 AM)

What a beautiful family!! (ok, being the dad i guess i am bias)

(08.04.09 @ 05:14 PM)

nice pics as always.

(08.05.09 @ 08:02 AM)

Oh wow!! Absolutely love this shot!! The emotions are too gorgeous, and those eyes :)

(08.15.09 @ 09:45 PM)
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July 31, 2009 // Newborn / Personal

As an introduction, Sam was originally employed to simply help out with the housework and children - the term simply being the epitome of understatement.Any how, when she started with us, Sam hadn't yet acquired the opportunity to use a computer, let alone master a monster like Photoshop.


Well, two years down the line, Sam is now very proficient with the computer - not only does she skilfully use Photoshop, she also assists me with the editing of photos and designing albums.


It was not at all easy giving away my first digital SLR (almost like your first car with all the treasured memories), but, I that did and Sam now has her very own camera, which has, in turn, also taken a step further in the creation of her own individual blog - say no more!


Any way, and coming back to this blog entry, a year ago, Cyndi kindly agreed to a third-shooter at her wedding, which allowed Sam the occasion to shoot her very first wedding.


Following this (and maybe on account of it), Cyndi then contacted me in March to say she was pregnant and wanted some pictures of the new arrival - little Imke.


This was yet another perfect opportunity for Sam to tackle her first, non-understudy newborn shoot - and, for this event, I was the assistant! Sam, I am so proud of you and here are a few of your humble assistant's favourites from the shoot...the gorgeous Imke.

natural-newborn 99-jnb.jpg

To have a look at Sam's blog click here.

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I don't know what to say, thank you just isn't enough!

(07.31.09 @ 08:12 AM)

Well done Sam!!! I think you have awesome talent :)

(07.31.09 @ 11:13 AM)

Wow, what stunning photos!! Well done to Sam

(07.31.09 @ 07:50 PM)

Andrea - may you be blessed for sharing your talent and inspiring some new talent in Sam - we need more souls in this crazy world of ours like you.....
Sam - well done...the images are beautiful!Wishing you much success - you deserve it!

(07.31.09 @ 10:45 PM)
Cyndi vdB:

My two favourite people!!!! How gorgeous are they??? Thanks so much Sam & Andrea :-)

(08.04.09 @ 12:34 PM)
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December 22, 2008 // Newborn

Firstly WELCOME to the newer and bigger blog!




A crazy weekend and an equally crazy week ahead, with the arrival of Santa bloke on Wednesday evening.


I have not managed to take on too many maternity, or newborn, shoots this year, as I haven't had the time.


Last week, however, I photographed Jenny and her little belles, Zoë and Eva.


So very small and squishy....they just melted my heart, having that "puppy smell" effect where you just want to hug them tight and sneak them home in your camera bag!


So, without further ado, I give you Baby Zoë and Baby Eva.






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They are beautiful, and I love your new blog layout!! Very cool!

(12.22.08 @ 11:14 AM)

Love these photo's...what beautiful little babies..well done.

(12.22.08 @ 07:42 PM)

OMG, HUGE Images! What a brilliant idea! Have you transferred everything from your old blog onto this one? I still go back and look at the old stuff sometimes. Is that weird?
It looks stunning. You so made the right decision!

(12.22.08 @ 07:43 PM)

Gorgeous little babies, makes me want a pink set!!
On the blog, I'ts all here, just not all big. I wish I could press a button and rescale all my past images, I spent hours rescaling and reloading the images with the 'new logo'.

(12.22.08 @ 08:12 PM)
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